Thursday, 28 August 2008


Hi all.

Just been up the club to witness the single wicket draw. The competition draw is below.

It has been set up in to 2 halves, with no seeds and was drawn completely randomly.

Top Half

Steve Hudson V BYE
Gareth Evans V James Hiscocks

Gordon Hannah V I Southwell
M Lowe V S Wilton

Jason Harries V Ian Coughtrey
Tom Brookfield V Upinder Singh

Lewis Clarke V Josh Clogg
Adrian Colley V BYE

Bottom Half

M Wilton V BYE
Stewart Jones V Huw Marks

Ollie Coughtrey V Connor Heatherton
Steve Bussell V Tariq Ali

Andy Smith V Lawrence O'Sullivan
G Marks V BYE

Geoff Colley V BYE
Nick Parker V Peter Colley

I do believe that Paul Marks is doing a book so please feel free to phone him for the odds. Failing that Paddy Power should be able to help

See you there Saturday up the common. Mr Richardson would like us all there by 10.30 so we can get the draw times and rules sorted. Also if anybody has a problem with the draw complain to Huw Marks, he was the drawer.

Let battle begin.

Up the Dinas

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