Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Not bad for a pub a team.

Hi all,

sorry the report is a little late in arriving. As most of you probably know my dad went to hospital on sunday night and it has all been a little bit hectic.

The upshot of this is that he has the scorebook at his house and as such i can't write a full report (you just cant get the staff these days!!)

As for the match saturday it ranks as one of the best performances by any dinas side i have played in. Everybody played a part whether it be in the field or with the bat and ball. I know the victory was important to quite a few people at the club and its great to be 3 from 3 and top of the league.

Well done to nic for taking his first 5 for in the 1sts. A great spell of bowling and you really deserved it. As for Ali's 34 in an over well, WOW. I dont believe we will ever see anything like that again at our level. it must be a club record and most importantly it completely changed the momentum of the game and gave us and excellent platform to bowl from.

Full report to follow shortly.

And once again folks, not bad for a pub team!!

... i would like to thank everyone who has rang/text/emailed me regarding ken. All the mesages have been passed on and have been appreciated be him, me and the rest of the family. He hopes to be fit and able to score on saturday but Si might still have to be on standby. could be the first time we have ever needed a reserve scorer

up the dinas

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