Sunday, 22 June 2008

Back to the future (nice one Marksie)

Apologies for the headline but it was quite funny when we were having the usual off field banter Saturday.

Not you usual in depth blog this week blog fans. Not being able to stay to the end means I've not got the scorebook or any knowledge of the game after 6.30.

Needless to say that in a team featuring two of our junior section it was 2 senior players that stole the show with the bat. Snowy with a quickfire 74 and Compo with an assured 103 not out.

I'll update the stats when I get the scorebook back tomorrow night but just to say both knocks were a pleasure to watch, even though J Guy was talking to me throughout!!!!!!!!!

Story of the ball will have to wait but Caerleon seemed intent to drag things out in hope of rain and only some smart work from Andy Pearce got us a breakthrough. Stumping or run out??? Depends if Miles has Huw in his fantasy team!!!!!!!

Anyway I'll update more tomorrow night but we scored lots and they didn't get enough. Think we ended up with 24 points so depends on Creigau's tally but we should still be close to top spot.

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