Thursday, 1 May 2008

New Season

New season is finally here guys, went to a really exciting balls meeting last night so got the new cherries for the season together with the Yearbooks.

Would say I'd distribute these Saturday but unless the rain gives in I think it may be next week.

Once again apologies to anyone who has missed out on Saturday cricket this week, it was a really difficult selection meeting and I sure it will continue to be over the next few weeks. Those of you not selected please try to turn out on a Sunday for Miles as runs and wickets on a Sunday will help you push for a Saturday place.

Finally just wishing you all good luck for the season, you'll see the handbooks soon and notice that Doc, J Guy and Smudge made the book for the 2nd's with Lowey and Marksie figuring in the bowling section. Hopefully we will continue to be well represented in next years book.

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